Mark Woolmer

“One of my life’s goals was to become a single figure golfer and after playing golf for 20 years never thought I would get there".

I joined Trentham Golf Club 12 months ago mainly because of the great course and practice facilities but I’d also heard impressive things about the Professional Ash. After I settled in, I decided to contact Ash and booked myself a course of six lessons. Straight away after my first lesson I knew Ash would be able to help me in my quest.

Ash’s instruction methods simplified the whole golf swing and explained the causes and effects of my individual traits. We continued to work with each other on all aspects of my game and over

the coming months I started to see vast improvements in my game and scores.

The results from my first course of lesson made me want to continue on with Ash and his methods. So I booked a second course and began to see how far I could push myself and Ash.

Ash’s wealth of knowledge and ideas kept me interested and engaged in the process, and we decided to use the latest technology from video to the GC Quad swing system.

I can now happily report that I am now a single figure golfer and even better than that I have actually won one of the clubs major’s this weekend and dropped to a 8 handicapper.

So that is a four shot drop from 12 to 8 !!!!

I cannot thank Ash enough for all his help and tuition, the enthusiasm and patience Ash shows in every lesson is fantastic and I will be definitely continuing my lessons with Ash. “

Mark Woolmer

Quality Control Manager (NNPPI / ATOM)