Steve Bourne Testimonial

After a steady downward trend to my handicap I found myself stuck on 10 and unable to move any lower no matter what i tried or how much i practiced.

A friend of mine recommended that I have a lesson with Ashley and so I booked a series of 3 lessons with him.

During the first lesson Ashley completely changed my grip and swing plane and taught me simple ways to visualise what I needed to do. Whilst these new things felt very strange at first I persevered and soon found my ball striking and consistency improving.

After a few weeks I returned for my 2nd lesson to check I was correctly following Ashley's instructions where he made some slight adjustments but confirmed I was on the right track.

Three years on and my handicap is now 5 and each time I feel my game is going backwards I remember the simple visualisation Ashley showed me to return to good habits.

Steve Bourne